Certificate of Origin ST-1


   The certificate of origin is a document that identifies the country of manufacture of products moved across the border. It is required at customs. ST-1 certificate, like its other types, exempts goods from customs duties and taxes (partially or completely).


 Certificate Forms
To date, there are three forms of the certificate of origin: ST-1, form A and the general form.

   Certificate of Origin CT-1 is required for products shipped to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The condition for its registration is the delivery of goods by one sender to one recipient. In this case, the products must be manufactured or substantially processed in one of the CIS countries.

  Form A certificate of origin is issued for the delivery of goods to developed countries. In particular, it is accepted in the EU countries, as well as the USA and Canada. This document is completed in English only.

A general form certificate must be obtained for goods exported to countries that are not in the list of certificates of origin of other forms. In addition, it is this document that is drawn up when it is impossible to unambiguously determine the country of origin. Filling it out is allowed in Russian and English.


A certificate should be obtained for each individual batch of goods. In some cases, registration is not required at all. This applies to the supply of products that:

is moved for their own needs by individuals;
has a total customs value (subject to sending to one recipient at one time in one way) not less than $ 340;
completely exempt from taxes and duties when applying for international customs transit or customs regime of temporary importation.
Registration of certificates of origin
These certificates can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan. In addition, the issuance is carried out by TPP representative firms that have a special right to do so.

The process of filling in and issuing them is regulated by certain rules (Agreement of the Governments of the CIS member countries dated November 20, 2009, On filling out the form of certificates of origin).

The issuance of a certificate of origin has its own characteristics depending on its specific type. The general package of documents for its receipt includes:

  • application (indicating the route, mode of transport, packaging, weight);
  • agreement/contract;
  • registration documents;
  • composition of products with the designation of the country of origin of each component;
  • a document confirming the safety and quality of the goods;
  • invoices and invoices.

  In order for a product to be issued a ST-1 certificate, certain conditions must be met. Firstly, these products must be produced, or sufficiently processed or processed in the territory of a state party to the Agreement on the Establishment of a Free Trade Zone of April 15, 1994. Secondly, they must be sent from one sender and intended for one recipient . Delivery in this case can be carried out both by one vehicle and by different ones.


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